In Belford - Locations

Movement 1

Gerstle Park (map)

stair 1

this is right in front of stair 1 and above stair 2

stair 2

stair 1

Movement 2

Langton & Harrison

Great red wall.


Bluxome & 5th

Great Alley, and awesome light pink wall. The wall is a tad short, but my work.


6th & Brannan

There is a great block with these repeating green doors. The scenery is bland in a way that fits with the theme and the surroundings are non-descript.

Movement 3

Black Point (map)


St. Vincent's Cathedral (map)

There is a field near St. Vincent's cathedral that is accessible by a gravel road. We could pull the Bronco up here and shoot in the field.

This location seems a little difficult because it is on private property and we run a risk of getting kicked off the property.

This is the east side of the field

View north from the field, cathedral in background.

Bird's eye view of the field and surrounding area

A car can easily get out to the field from the road.

Train Tracks near McInnis Golf Course (map)

There is a field and a train track running along the road right before you enter McInnis Golf Course. We can't get a car onto the field or the tracks, but this could be a useful extra location for Movement 3.